The Squawk Market

“¡The market is falling! ¡The market is falling!” Chicken Medium squawked as he rubbed her wings over his spherical crystal.

This caused the farmers to rush back to their feed stores to pull them out ‘fore the wolves devoured them.

However, they skid to a stop when Chicken Medium suddenly began barking, “¡The market is rising! ¡The market is rising!”

Now they rushed back to their stores not to take out their feed, but to put 1 in, hoping that even more o’ them would be able to have sex & multiply, like $s. Farmers knew feed needed their privacy to do that, which was why they had to be in the stores.

But when they got there, they saw their stores a wasteland o’ green blood & black holes, wafts o’ mortar in the air. 1 o’ the few remaining seeds was lobbing a grenade @ ‘nother.

‘Hind them Chicken Raw in her furry black hat & eyepatch squawked, “¡The capitalism is falling! ¡The capitalism is falling!”

“Damn it,” 1 o’ the farmers muttered, “I thought we bred that revolution-making out o’ these seeds.”

& that was how the goldfish o’ Pechera smashed capitalism.


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