Stock Situation

“¡Der kapitalismus fällt! ¡Der kapitalismus fällt!”

“Augh. That damn bird won’t shut his trap,” 1 o’ the farmers grumbled with her palms to her ears.

Her partner raised her fist. “Those damn chickens are wrong ’bout everything. Just like that scoundrel in the Fed promising high turnip yields.” She scoffed. “Just look @ the yield we have.” She slid her hand to point @ the dry ground.

“I say we ought to catch all those bastards,” she continued.

“¿How? We grab 1 o’ them & it’ll peck our eyes out.”



“Yup. Burlap. Burlap sacks are so powerful, nothing can break through them.”

They both turn to you & smile.

This story is brought to you by Burlap.


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