Throbbing Temple

Image by Werner Weisser from Pixabay

Though the temple looked simple & homey, inside it churned with gears that had to click consistently with millions o’ others in perfect precision. 1 1 that was s’posed to be a 0 & 1 0 that was s’posed to be 1 could cause the whole edifice to crumble.

‘Cause o’ that, some say that only a god—only 1 god, since obviously multiple perfect gods would’ve led to a war with only 1 god standing; they’re competitive bastards, I tell ya—could’ve programmed this temple. Others say that if that temple wasn’t perfect, it wouldn’t be there to talk ’bout—& what ’bout all the temples that failed that we don’t e’en think ’bout, ¿huh?

‘Course, this debate ended when an undeleted pointer led to a memory leak, which ‘ventually drowned the temple in oil. Theists pointed @ scientists & laughed @ their puny natural science; scientists pointed @ theists & said, “¿How could God make such an elementary mistake? ¿Did he learn everything from JavaScript?”

But all understood those prophetic words:

I had to fall
to lose it all;
but in the end,
it doesn’t even matter.


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