if ( isset( $terror_tubes ) ) { echo $terror_tubes; } else { echo error_no_story(); }

She had to admit, ’twas rather difficult due to how quickly she was sliding. She was sure they coated these tubes with this orange Dorito grease on purpose to conspire gainst her, which she thought was rather cheap.

‘Cause o’ this, she had mere seconds to see the sign before the fork showing variables compared to values, which told her which path to take. Sometimes they showed many comparisons, for which some combinations had to be true, while others didn’t have to. ‘Twas confusing & she oft had to settle for the same direction she went previously if she couldn’t figure it out in time.

This boiled her nerves, which only made it harder to concentrate. But she needed to concentrate dearly.

1 wrong turn & she’ll run into the deadly rubber ducky, from whose wrath no one has ever lived to describe.


Condition, grease, internet