¡Mega Microstories!

Thank You For the Venom

Courtesy Openclipart.

With his helmet, boots, & girdle strapped on, Wooden Ant crept into the queue o’ Titanium Ants storming into their hole.

Let’s see how those terrorists love a li’l vengeance…

“Hey, everyone: ¡look @ this party pirate!”

Wooden Ant stopped, clutching the huge poison bottle ‘hind his back mo’ tightly.

“I was worried we wouldn’t have ‘nough poison,” said ‘nother Titanium Ant.

¿Is this a ruse to lure me into false security, only to arrest me later?

But nobody stopped him when he poured his bottle into the wide punch bowl, & Titanium Ants flocked to it. It took only a half hour for it to be devoured completely.

“¡Wow, I can feel it boiling my veins!” 1 exclaimed as she rubbed her belly.

Her partner nodded.

Wooden Ant could only gape in horror.

Originally Created:

2014 October 21


Girdle, helmet, titanium


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