Ne’er Gonna Dance ‘Gain

Everything’s going to go fine—stop worrying.

She dipped a chip into salsa & took a bite while the rapid sounds o’ shaking rain filled the room.

“¿Care to dance, Madame?”

She looked up with a start to see a man dressed in indigo hold a hand out.

Quit panicking. Everything’ll go fine.

She took his hand & they danced the shoe stain, stomping their feet @ steep left & right angles repeatedly.

They stopped when the music slowed, her panting & sweating.

“I think… I’ll need a break.”

“No problem, Madame.”

That was when she saw him smile.

Her eyes widened as she spotted the dimple just @ the edge.

“Madame, it seems you’re bleeding. I think you may need to see a doctor.”

She glanced to her sleeveless arm & saw a gouge leaking blood.

She could recognize the bramble needle sticking out from kilometers ‘way.


Dimple, maraca, sauce