This is it. When we get this, we won’t need to eat out o’ people’s recycling bins anymo’.

She saw someone walk through the office & out the hall. A suited man leaned out & called, “¿Mr. Hideon?”

¿What? She looked round the room, only to see the wall come to life from ‘hind the potted plant & walk toward the suited man.

With a cheek-to-cheek smile, the suited man said, “You & your disguises, Oscar. You never change.”

They shook hands, Mr. Hideon nodding.

“Tell you what: none o’ our candidates have been fitting so far…”

She wanted to scream, “¡I do! ¡I fit all o’ the criteria you listed on your ad!”

“¿How ’bout I just give you the job?”

Mr. Hideon nodded & followed the suited man into the hall.

“The rest o’ you can go home. Thank you for your time,” the suited man said.

¡Damn that Oscar! ¡He steals every job right under my nose!


Crook, occupation, veil