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Heavy ’bout Everything but My Love

“¡Hey, bud! ¡Let me outta here!” Jackin shouted as she pounded her wing on the inside o’ her devourer’s shell.

She stepped back half a meter.

“That’s it, pal; you’re gonna get it.”

She rammed into the shell, only to bend her beak gainst the shell’s rocky hardness.

She clutched her beak & muttered.

Then she turned & huffed down the steps to the crustacean’s 2nd stomach.

There by the green saltwater lake stood an ol’ bearded man manning a booth that promises “Sharp Implements – Low $.”

The ol’ man’s eyes shone. “You look like you’re looking for a way to break out, Ms.”

But she’d seen this riddle before.

She knew what the true implement that was sharp.

She grabbed the ol’ man & chucked him down the bottom o’ the Epiglottis that Crayfish Don’t Have.

& Jackin held tightly as the stick ground rumbled.

Originally Created:

2014 November 5


Crayfish, robin, saw


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