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Ruth’s grandma handed her a clock & said, “Bury this & be good & the RNG will reward us.”

So Ruth buried the clock under the soil, sat, & waited for the sun & rain to come. While she sat she made sure to rub the feet o’ anyone who walked by & didn’t use naughty words like “utilization” or “impacted.”

After 20 days o’ sun & 20 days o’ rain, a tall stalk grew out the ground, holding leaves high with bulbs. These bulbs opened, dropping shrimp o’ various colors.

She rushed in. “¡Grandma! ¡It works! ¡Look! We’ve got shrimp that’s olive, shrimp that’s cobalt, & shrimp that’s burnt sienna.”

Tragically, her grandma was replaced by a filing cabinet with a fez.


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