I’m with Everyone & Yet Not

Plum adjusted his spectacles as he peered closer @ the bird head on the wall.

“¿How did you capture this fine specimen?”

“You wouldn’t believe the tale,” Mustard said as he gripped his belt with his thumbs.

He continued, “1 day I was stalking through the jungle with my husky to play the most dangerous game: Frisbee. As we played, I saw a swallow poke its head out a fern—& then, before I knew it, ¡it zipped toward me & plucked my toe clear off my foot!

“Well, you know I couldn’t stand for this impertinence: so as it flew ‘way, I chucked the Frisbee @ it. Sliced its head cleanly off. Mmm hmm hmm.” Mustard sucked on his pipe.

Turning to Mustard, Plum said, “You’re right: I don’t believe it.”

So Mustard sliced his head off with a pair o’ dice & mounted his head, too.


Plate, swallow, toe