¡Mega Microstories!

Awaiting Restful Waking ‘Gain

Courtesy Grandma’s Graphics. Public domain.

Sleepy, sleepy,
canopy tree.
But still they must
climb to the sun.

The needles injected themselves into the blood walls & sucked all o’ our potential. They wanted it all, & they got it. ¿What could the whiteguards do? There’s no time to lay in your sweat pond; she has file cabinets to feed.

I gazed into the cabinet’s mouth a month ago & ’twas looking kinda cobwebby.

But all these audits, ¿don’t they steal more o’ our staplers than just easing the lungs & letting a li’l larceny linger?

Get back to me as soon as you can. Thanks.

Originally Created:

2015 October 6


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