June 20 – July 22

The crab walked up to the basin & took off her gloves to reveal pulsating lumps throbbing with pink boils oozing with thick green juices. She wrapped them round each other & twisted them together tightly like washcloths, causing bubbling gray liquid to drip from them into the basin.

After 10 minutes o’ nonstop twisting, the crab stopped & held her claws to the side, panting heavily.

“¿Is that good ‘nough?” she said breathlessly.

The light shined o’er the hidden figure’s glasses—the only part that could be seen o’ the figure.

“Yes. Thank you.”

“Thank you. ¿You truly think this’ll work?” asked the crab.

“No question.”

But what the crab hadn’t asked—what she hadn’t thought o’ in her relief—was for what the figure planned to use her gray cancer juices.


Basin, Cancer, Gauntlet