The Amiablympics

‘Twas a tough competition, but worth it.

Yasmin had to help ol’ men cross the 100-yard crosswalk while dodging SUVs, trucks, & motorcycles from both sides.

Talitha had to run through an aisle ‘tween 2 rows o’ papers & had to leave positive comments o’ a’least 10 words on each, & had to skim ‘nough o’ each so that her comments could be judged as relevant ‘nough.

Leopoldo had to throw as many dodge balls & European footballs into their proper yards when they landed in his as possible—which, while slow @ 1st, became hectic with ball after ball being accidentally knocked in round the last 10 seconds.

‘Twas left our contestants sitting back & panting, but that only made the gray May air mo’ refreshing—& always covered them in pangs o’ withdrawal when they inevitably had to go home.


Danger, Derby, Kind