Quite a Bottle that’s All Pickled Up

All Wai could see was that which was bubbling just round her in the light that gradually shifted from red to blue & back to red, & all the hue ‘tween, in a constant cycling circle–light so bright that it’d seer Wai’s eyes if she had any, so bright that she could barely see her companions.

She could do nothing but wait. She could do nothing but wonder what existed beyond the thick wall o’ light–if anything did.

Beyond that, she could only wonder when the Event would happen.

“The Event” was when the top would open & the sharp prongs o’ God would come in & take her up into the outside world–a world that both excited & frightened them all.

But she knew she couldn’t do anything, regardless. She could only wait & hope the outside offered something better than this.


Cucumber, Neon, Region