Die Weiße Zeder

“I want everyone to look @ something.”

Like a sagging soufflé, the nightly party–@ this point involving a rattling game o’ “Roe Round the Stump”–fell to sobriety. The once-roudy rabbits compacted their bodies & followed their leader down the cobbled path.

They stopped @ a large white cedar–the largest tree in all Worcestershire Woods. Their leader pointed downward, where most noticed with cut breaths a short bump where its tail used to be. Then they all looked up @ the leader with eyes o’ fear.

“Now, look @ this hair I found nearby,” said the leader as he held up a gray hair. “¿D’you smell that sea-salt scent? That’s beaver.”

& that was when the rabbits’ wide eyes contorted into anger.


Bough, Square, Tail