Der Eber

Angelita gulped as she neared the solid rock wall that was the door to the boar’s cave. Ne’ertheless, she knocked all the same.

She held her breath during the 2 minutes it took for the door to slide open with the crusty grind o’ rock gainst rock.

& there was the boar, its pupil-less black eyes aimed straight @ her, its mouth emitting motor sounds.

She hesitated a second, but then pulled out the box o’ raisin cookies in red & white with cursive words that said, “No Boaredom Cookies.”

She cleared her throat, then said, “‘Scuse me, Sir, but I’m ‘fraid my husband made a mistake while buying these. ¿Could I trade them in for peanut butter cookies, ‘stead?”

The boar replied, “There’ll be a 500₧ restocking fee.”

Angelita’s fingers twitched.

She said half-cringing, “¿You couldn’t maybe lower that price?”


Boar, Cookie, Resale