Der Supersonnenschein

“I can’t find it.”

“Keep looking.”

The Pintada Hermanas continued to wander the sandy-sharp roof, barren o’ all but growing moss. The stark white sunlight flooded o’er them & bounced off their sunglasses.

“If we don’t find it, we’ll ne’er be able to ground pound to the basement o’ Ooo-ahh’s Mansion,” Maria said as she stood with her legs planted & her hands dug into her o’erall pockets, her head turning slowly left & right.

Luisa slowed, her eyes aimed @ her feet twisting. She bent down. “¿Is this it?”

Maria turned to her & then walked o’er to her. Hunched, but still standing, Maria stared down @ what Luisa was watching.

Then she smiled & patted Luisa’s shoulder.

Blinking up @ them was the glowing shard o’ the sun.


Good, Maybe, Shingle