Class in Secession

“All right, ¿now what year was this nation founded in?” Zelda leaned forward with hungry eyes ‘hind her glasses.

Celes raised a slow hand halfway.

“Let’s give the other students a chance,” Zelda snapped. She swiveled her head left & right. “¿Anyone?”

After a minute or so, Zelda sighed & said, “Celes.”

“Um… ¿Last week?”

In a brightening voice, Zelda said, ¡Correct!” She closed the phone book on her lap & replaced it with a mechanic’s manual. “Now, let’s move on to math.”

Celes sweat, & no due to any discomfort with math, but with the itchiness o’ the ropes tied round her.

Outside that dingy place the sun was blaring, reflecting white light off the shell o’ the ‘lone motor home, accompanied by nothing else but vast yellow dirt & a few stray dry weeds.


Caravan, Foundation, Learning