Ram just sat there like a stump as the Coraciidae birds twirled all round his field. He had no choice; @ his age, movement was a premium.

Ram remembered that years ago he would’ve carnaged through these beady-eyed birds, would’ve spread feathers everywhere so they’d know hell & hades. He’d been such a shin-kicker that he e’en gotten in trouble with the law for sucking up Coach’s toenails. Here was the only one bold ‘nough to mow the fur on that big hairy monster.

But now all he could do was sit there like a lump, @ mercy to all the idiotic pranks that weren’t e’en audacious by the punk-ass kids. Trite shit like filling his mailbox with Styrofoam.

& all he could do was sigh…

Those birds were truly annoying, though…


Centenarian, Ram, Roller