Das Eisasteroid

“Cap’n Emery, we’re blocked by an iceasteroid. ¿What do we do?”

Cap’n Emery said nothing but simply cracked her knuckles. She hesitated for just a second in wait for that voice to give her her “authorization”; but she quickly remember how she’d drove ‘way that voice–how she relied on her own authorization now.

She marched out into her bedroom & changed into her suit, slowly & deliberately. She knew they had plenty o’ time buffer ‘fore the Krakton carrots they were delivering would rot.

Once changed, she stepped out the ship door as if ’twere the front door o’ a simple house.

She floated o’er to the iceasteroid & stared it down.

“It’s just you & me,” she said.


Chief, Leotard, Rocket-ship