The Eyes Have It: The I’s Have It

Sir Jordano had to admit–his opponent had him shooken for a bit.

But then the electricity sparked in his brain & he slapped a gloved hand o’er the paper before him. “¡Aha!”


“Look right here.”

His opponent peered closer into the paper, pulling the monocle ‘way from his nose to better see.

“That colon should be a semicolon. You know the Salisbury Law: no grammatically-incorrect deed has any legal authority.” Jordano’s grin tightened. “Looks like your deed’s all wet.”

Then he ripped the zipper on his face down, causing his outer skin to collapse, airless, leaving him in his true form, a goldfish in a fish bowl.

“& that’s how I smash capitalism, bitch,” said Sir Guillermo Jordano.


Clasp, Colon, Monocle