Burning Bridges

“So long as you keep a hold o’ my hand, you’ll be safe.”

Jamel still felt sweat drench his face as he stared down @ the vast gap o’ boiling water under such a thin wooden spoon bridge–& all surrounded by equally scorching white metal.

“You were quite crafty to figure us out, ¿weren’t you?” Suddenly, his guide turned to him–& Jamel didn’t like the look he saw.

Jamel looked @ him hard. “¿Figure out what?”

The guide’s brows fell. “¿Why else has Wasabi Woods become so interested in Whisky Woods all o’ a sudden?”

Before Jamel could answer, he suddenly felt the guide’s hand leave his–¡such cold, naked skin now!–& felt his balance wobble.

Jamel looked up @ the guide not with anger, but shock. “You couldn’t… International law…”

Jamel tried to grab onto the guide, but the guide took many steps back. Jamel couldn’t stop himself from wobbling o’er…


Consul, Galley, Hand-holding