Bom & Trem

Komodo raised his phone to his ear. “¿Halo?”

“There’s a bomb.”

“Saya mengerti. Terima kasih.”

Komodo rose & walked down the aisle while the towns raced by outside. The other passengers were just as oblivious.

Komodo’s nose wiggled as he turned his head left & right, left & right. Then he stopped by a pair o’ seats 2 rows past the front. He saw 1 occupant: a woman in business apparel looking @ him warily.

“Permisi, Madam, ¿tapi bisa saya cek di bawah kursi Anda?”

The woman raised a brow, but rose & backed ‘way.

Komodo leaned down under the seat & dug round with his steel claws, feeling round the cold plastic on his scales.

Then he felt a bump & picked off the rectangle. He examined it for a moment, & then crushed it in his palm.

He rose & said, “Terima kasih,” before sidling out & walking back to his own seat. He could feel the woman’s twisted brows on the back o’ his neck, but didn’t look back.


Indonesia, Streetcar, Transmission