If the Shoe Doesn’t Fit…

“¿Do you want this 1?”

He nodded grimly.

The executive ‘side him put a hand on his shoulder & with a grin said, “No time like the present.”

Without raising his scowl from the floor he rose, slipped his feet into the glowing orange boots, & tied said boots with a deliberation neither fast nor slow.

The assistant bowed his head & said, “¿Are you all ready?”

The executive took the remote control from the assistant & said, “We sure are. I must say that I hate to do this to you, Roger; but if I don’t de-encenticize the breach o’ official guidelines… total anarchy. Now dance.”

The executive pressed a button & Roger began dancing while steam rose from his feet. His face gradually fell into a cringe, followed by howls that startled the other shoppers & caused them to scurry outside.

Finally, Roger collapsed onto the linoleum floor, panting his last breaths.


Assistance, Dancer, Employee