Take a Kite out o’ Bite

He pushed through them like bobbing trout. “Out o’ the way.”

Then he reached it. He cringed as he stared @ the leafy fangs bite into its papery body, now deflated & full o’ tears.

He climbed up the tree just high ‘nough to reach the tail sputtering in the wind, swiveling ‘tween leaves to avoid their swinging blades.

But as he examined the kite down on the ground on his knees, he could only shake his head with a frown while the crowd surrounded him with gaping mouths.

Suddenly there was a cry ‘mong them: “¡It’s the custodian’s fault! ¡He’s a Wasabi spy!”

He looked up @ them with alarm. But before he could open his mouth, the crowd was on him, readying the noose.


Crowd, Custodian, Kite.