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The Enterobius o’ Times, the Pinworm o’ Times

Courtesy Watson, K. @ The Graphics Fairy. Not affiliated with this site.

It cursed.

It had to hurry if ’twas going to make it to the Great Semicolon in time; but the only way it could is if it avoided the vicious White Cells, & that was made hard by that stupid timepiece jangling from his striped suit.

¿Why’d he have to be hatched with a pinstriped suit, anyway?

Well, he made it there, but only after all o’ the others had beforehand, leaving the area too crowded for him to stay.

There were no mo’ ats with which to mate. It watched the timepiece & saw it quickly tick toward the end.

“So long.” Boink. Pop. A grave.

Originally Created:

2016 September 26


Fob, Pinworm, Steps.


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