Flower Fore’er

It crossed both pairs o’ arms. It asked ‘gain, “¿What want you?”

“I told you: I don’t want anything, but to thank you for your brave service.”

Beetle Boboros was moveless. “Don’t believe it I.”

The fox dog sighed. “All right. I just need the key to the cave ‘hind Fresh Falls, ¿OK?”

The fox dog’s heart stopped as the beetle just stood there silently for a full minute.

But then the beetle said, “Is a nice flower it… Tonton…”

So the paw traded the “Fore’er Flower” for the key, & then its legs took it ‘way.

The fox dog waited till ’twas far out o’ the vicinity to chuckle to himself.

Yes, it is a nice flower… Too bad I forgot to mention the li’l bit o’ venom it has in it.


Beetle, Bribery, Crocus.