Lettuce & Carrots Can Be Deceiving. Also, Appearances.

“Ne’er doubt science,” I muttered to myself as I stared straight @ my reflection in the dusty glass.

Every so oft my mind would get distracted by the thoughts o’ my long-dead mentor & wondering ’bout whether she’d have approved o’ my new work or not.

I found something that was not only mo’ powerful that sandy ol’ potatoes, but e’en mo’ powerful than the all-potent pears.

‘Twas years ago that I discovered that the most powerful produce was not any single fruit or vegetable, but a mix. Since then I hand-stakingly tested every pair & found that the most powerful match was lettuce & carrots.

¿How powerful?

This’d do mo’ than create light to replace a sun that’s already been replaced years ago–¿remember when we considered such trifles to be “big issues”?

No, this would have the power to end the war ‘tween Wasabi Woods & Worcestershire Woods unquestionably.

& that’s what frightens me so much.


Carrot, Inventor, Lettuce.