Boating & Handing

They met in the middle o’ Rainy River on their cardboard duck boats, so far ‘way from everything else that if anyone were to see them, they’d see only 2 inconspicuous black dots.

“¿You have the almond?”

“¿You have the peach?”

They both nodded in sync.

Good: no complications.

They reached their armss out just long ‘nough to reach the other’s arms & grabbed each other by opposite hands @ the same time, loosening the grasp on 1 hand while tightening the grasp on the other, while the other person did parallel.

Then they both turned & rowed their boats ‘way, also in sync.

Madame Deaton couldn’t help feeling a mixed glumness.

I expected there to be mo’ to it than this…


Cardboard, Duck, Peach.