The Gearmother


A shaky man who kept patting his forehead with a damp napkin opened the door. The woman on the other side was in a dark suit & was standing still with her arms crossed downward in front o’ her.

I cannot thank you ’nough for coming, Mother. The gears, they’re just madness — they’d destroying us, you wouldn’t believe me, the shaky man stammered.

The “Mother” put a hand up to the shaky man’s face & said softly, When I say I fix a problem for 1 o’ my sons, I fix a problem. Ne’er doubt, ne’er fear.

The shaky man watched his “Mother” slowly walk up the stairs to the bedroom, but didn’t dare follow. He wasn’t o’ the strong ’nough stuff to see the kind o’ work she did to gears that didn’t want to listen.


engineering, bedroom, family