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I’m sorry, Sir, but ’less you stop fooling round, we can’t get you a doctor. Now, I’m going to ask ’gain, ‘¿What is you full name?’

Tobias Redden felt his arms shake with the urge to punch something; but he had to keep that down, or else they’d think e’en worse o’ him.

He shrugged, & then positioned his arm & pinched his index &amp thumb as if writing with an invisible pen on an invisible sheet o’ paper.

But the attendant simply said, I can’t help you if you don’t stop fooling round. God, ¿what is with all you clowns who always gotta do things differently just to be different round here — & @ a hospital, too. None o’ the customers @ the bank I used to work @ behaved like this.

That afternoon he went to a hardware shop to get a torch to burn that shithole to the ground, only to be stopped by the clerk there saying, Hold it, bub: we don’t have any ‘S boasdzbrh jfe’x xfrm’. Try the sex shop down the street.


anxiety, control, communication