Goodoctor the Healthful Doctor

The gasping faces turned to the ambulance as it screeched onto the scene. A second after, the back doors opened, & out jumped the Goodoctor with a baby-blue doctor’s purse in 1 hand.

Step aside, folk.

The crowd split back as the Goodoctor walked toward the patient: a crab with many parts o’ its shell cracked open & spilling pus, as well as covered in tire tracks. But the limp claw shaking weakly told her that ’twas still ’live.

She bent down & applied the best medicine for drive-o’ers — the rare Mud o’ Honey. She pulled out the bottle from her purse & began lightly spreading multiple layers on its shell. The cracks & openings began to refill & the crab itself began to rise with strength.

The crab began to blubber, I don’t know what to say. I’ve ne’er felt so much better in all my life, & nobody’s e’er cared ’nough to —

Before he could finish, they were all, including the crowd, run o’er by a cavalcade o’ cars.


operation, highway, mud