Coronary Marketing

Francene felt a sharp pain go through her chest for just a moment, but then it went ’way immediately.

What came with it was a sudden craving for Reese’s peanutbuttercups. She knew deep in her heart that they would not only fill the emptiness o’ her decades-long loneliness, but also that you could get 2 big bags for only 500₧ @ the nearest Fred-Mart for the rest o’ this October.

As if led by a magnet, she walked out into the damp, gray afternoon & into her car & drove off to the nearest Fred-Mart. There she bought as many bags o’ Reese’s peanutbuttercups as she could afford & filled her house with them till ’twas her that they were devouring — & that was truly what she wanted all ’long.


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