The Haze that Pays

Image by Alexa from Pixabay.

Mayor Herbert Sunday scratched the side o’ his sweating face. Despite being late October, it sure was a hot day out.

I don’t know if the people would like that very much, Sir.

The gray-faced woman with sharp fangs & a blood red robe rose slowly, causing her chair to shudder a creak. She slowly reached a bony, wrinkled hand forward onto the table, & like a fleshy egg, its fingers twisted open & the hand produced a wad o’ bills.

Mayor Sunday rose a brow & then snatched up the bills. After a second o’ rapidly counting them, he pocketed them & cleared his throat.

I’m sure I could ’splain to them what a addition to land values & economic development your exciting haunted house would be.


permission, contribution, payment