El Nuevo Mudo

The most notable thing ’bout the Mudos is that they didn’t just have foul words, but believed that all words were foul. They considered saying anything, no matter what language, obscene. Saying, “¿How do you do?”, in English was the equivalent o’ saying, “Go fuck yourself”.

As one can imagine, this has made any kind o’ “Mudo language” very elusive. While researchers were able to find common patterns one could call words, & e’en linguistical patterns, none could find definitions beyond, well, “Go fuck yourself”, or perhaps the million other ways to say vulgar things to someone in English.

E’en the name o’ their tribe was given to them by others: early Spanish Boskeopoleon settlers, who simply called them the Spanish word for “mutes”. But as research has shown, this is not strictly accurate, for Mudos don’t consider speech to be illegal or morally wrong; it’s simply a way to let someone know you’re pissed @ them & that they should watch out.

This shouldn’t lead others to mistakenly believe that Mudos can’t communicate ’mong each other or with others amicably. To make up for their rare use o’ speech, they have a much richer form o’ body language. In particular, they have far mo’ complex nuances in facial expressions.


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