The Alchookmist

’Twas during her stay @ BU that Leola devised the ultimate instrument for cooking up new realities.

What Leola hadn’t expected when she started attending classes was that she’d develop an interest in computer science as a minor, & in the process develop the info that twined ’tween technology & reality food that would create the biggest revolutionary boom o’ reality cooking since the Green Revolution.

The main invention was 1 that took advantage o’ the recent completion o’ the “Pabulum Project” to break down each meal into a mix o’ elementary foods & encode every elementary food into its own 32-bit integer &, mo’ importantly, the discovery o’ a condiment with a special property, only truly understood during the Pabulum Project: its ability to increase broccoli’s code by 1 per every 2 mg, & later, how mixing it with ’nother condiment would keep broccoli’s other condiment’s property e’en after changing, allowing for the creation o’ any food element from broccoli.

Leola’s invention was an electric-powered mechanism that, given the right inputs would apply the right amount o’ each condiment given a typed in #, creating an alchemy machine that, from the user’s perspective, allowed them to put in broccoli & type in whatever food they want from it. Given better technological refinement o’er the years, this machine became mo’ portable, less buggy, & mo’ importantly, much cheaper, so that e’en the regular populace could afford them.


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