Take it to the Crave

They started to call it “The Thing”, but it didn’t care. ¿What could it do? ’Twasn’t its fault it had a craving stronger than theirs. Everyone was different down to the bones. ¿Did they expect it to buy new bones? Fact was, ’twas “The Thing” from the start. Nothing changed. ’Sides, was being called “The Thing” worse than not being called @ all, or being called whatever else they’d think o’. You can’t lose what you ne’er had; & when it’s for a blessing that none o’ these fools could understand, ’twas a boon. They were irrelevant. ¿What had they to gain from it not getting the bad they tut-tutted ’twould get? They wouldn’t tut tut ’less they benefited, not it — or rather, ’less they enjoyed tut-tutting & knew it wouldn’t change what couldn’t be change, ¿so why change? ’Twas symbiotic, clearly.


alcohol, thing, gene