Suddenly Someone Is There @ the Turnstile

As she rotated the diamond in her fingers, she thought ‘bout how the average fool would sell this for petty money. But she knew where its true value hid.

She took a deep breath & thought to herself, It’s a cold shower, a bandage rip: a second’s misery is worth the infinite reward.

After 1 mo’ second o’ hesitation, she forced her hand forward, gritting her teeth as she felt the perfectly sharp edges tear into her eye.

Her partner jerked to attention, & then reached toward her.

¡Lucy! ¡What are you doing?.

¡Let go!, Lucy croaked ‘tween sucked-in breaths. She coughed out some o’ the blood that fell on her lips from her eye. You have no idea what this diamond can see….


perception, preference, diamond