Constructive Criticism

Sadie flopsweat like a fountain as she shook the hand o’ the inspector. Though she knew ’twas too late to make any last-minute changes, her mind couldn’t help racing o’er what slight specification out o’ millions she missed which would put the lives o’ potentially hundreds o’ millions o’ cute li’l ₧: an image a pixel off-center, a color whose hex code was a digit off, — or worse, ran into some obscure CMYK conversion by the printer that couldn’t be tested on her end — or the PDF wasn’t the right format out o’ the dozens out there, or misjudging the visual weight o’ different elements, causing 1 side to be lopsided & its foundation to be an inevitable threat to collapsing into freshman-art-project confusion within a week.

Luckily, though she missed a specification, the inspector was nice ’nough to give her ’nother chance to fix them. Though she would have to hold her breath for ’nother week, ’twas better than eternal perdition.

What she didn’t realize was that though she avoided damnation, she fell into a purgatory o’ reconstructions she would ne’er ’scape.


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