The Tale o’ Borrowdale

Here fables the platinum gun o’ Borrowdale, the richest cousin in town. As you can see, their tombstone was baked not o’ the same stone that built so many graves in this necropolis, but o’ a lustrous yellow rock from Phobos, where they led the war to fund a return trip back to earth in parliament, years after the starship which had brought them there had decayed beyond use. ’Pon return they launched a business selling thanthwe lachikaso thru teleport’ario & thru that managed to expand the business into the dominant teleport’ario business for all things. But the origins o’ their business was still remembered ’pon their death, & their heirs commissioned for their grave to be made o’ the stone, e’en tho, thanks to their business, it had become so common as to be valueless & considered passé by all the fashionpassions.

Li’l did anyone realize that in their dying breaths Borrowdale had rued e’er venturing off & to Phobos to collect those stones & has wished that they had used their limited time on this earth dedicating themselves to the 1 true god, Catface.