’twas a vile thing, & they knew they had to get rid o’ it by their typical ritual to cleanse their souls o’ its evil.

¿what was this thing that filled e’ery person o’ the tribe with dread? ’twas an invisible ball o’ energy, — seemingly harmless — but which spewed an endless stream o’ barbarism, which i could not describe without dying myself.

so roger stood with his club held aloft while rodney held this ball o’ energy in his gloved hand. he wound up his arm & then threw it @ roger, & roger, sweating under his helmet, watched this energy, knowing that if it struck him, he would be toast. as he saw it near him, he swung, & up it went flying, & out o’ the hills bordering their village, ’way. then they both raised their arms high & roger ran round the rhombus-shaped stadium.


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