hear here

Image by J. J. W. Mezun. Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

clean up on aisle 19….

so announced assistant lloyd when he saw an otherwise carefree thursday afternoon o’ updating labels on campbell’s soup cans broken with a crash as a mysterious object rained down into the fredmart like a meteor, shattering glass shards in the shape o’ lightning bolts onto the just-cleaned linoleum.

careful to avoid touching & cutting his fingers on the shrapnel, he pinched out the object in question, what looked like a distorted green ear.

{ probably part o’ a muertoween costume. some dumbass kids probably hit it thru the window with a baseball bat with sick kicks }.

such were the last sane thoughts he had before he heard the ungodly ravings that would sprout from this ear, which would drive assistant lloyd into a mental depravity from which he would ne’er ’scape.


secretary, hearing, supermarket