cook it & book it

sweat dripped down chef winters’ skull — or a’least it would’ve if skeletons could sweat. e’ery second mattered. ¿who said you ne’er use math ’gain after 2ndary school? he had to count 2 #s in his head: the # o’ stirs so that the ingredients — the carrots & potatoes, vinegar & basil, & spices that were unknown e’en to winters — while also counting the seconds till the torus-shaped platform would shake & drop from its place high up in the sky, during which he would have to jump to the next & start that count all o’er.

but to winters’ surprise, he made it to the end, up on the cliff @ the end o’ all land, & had made just the right # o’ stirs to create the most delicious o’ donut soups — delicious ’nough that great milliam released him from his hamster cage & let him flee free.