Ode to King Fluffy the 128th

O, King Fluffy the 128th,
How your rubbery belly shines
As you flop through your pond o’ golden rings;
How your eggs tilt here & then there,
Waiting to crack open,
Waiting to unleash their spawn
Onto the whole kingdom:
Devouring everyone’s flesh flaps
With their cute li’l muzzles,
& slapping us into liquid paste
With their supersealed flappers.

O, King Fluffy,
We have given you so much gold,
So much power.
We are good subjects, ¿aren’t we?
Yes, we are;
& you are, too.
Yes you are.
So, we beseech you, our highness:
For god’s sake, don’t let those monsters break free.


Nest, Ring, Seal