Pumas Propagating Problems

Peter the Puma ’peared disheveled as he waltzed toward the wooden gate.

“¿What you think you’re doing round here?” asked the guard.

Peter said in a syrupy tone, “Just crossing by, sir.”

The guard shook his head. “You can’t pass.”

“¿Why not?”

The guard lifted his clipboard.

“’Cause you’re not on the agenda.”

Peter nodded vigorously. “O. OK. Yeah, yeah, yeah.”

He began pacing ’way, then swung round & leapt the gate.

“¡Stop!” the guard shouted, but then stopped himself, eyes wide.

“Wait… I don’t need to chase him anymo’. He can pass now. Since we have to stop him, he’s now on the agenda.”


Agenda, Gate, Puma