Sky Garden

Night fell.
Panda looked up from chewing his bamboo.
That was when he saw the night lying on the sky,
Arms spread,
Armor shattered,
Blood leaking out.
His pale face looked sucked o’ life,
His eyes starry.
Panda glanced ’round nervously.
¡If the noon sees this, he’ll freak!
So he went to the shed for a shovel
& returned to bury the night under a thick sky o’ cyan.
Noon waltzed through the garden
Just as Panda was finishing.
“¿What’re you doing, Panda?”
“Nothing, sir. Just… ¿Are you all right, sir?”
Noon clutched his chest.
Noon fell.
Panda shook his head & started digging.


Knight, panda, shovel