With Teeth

“Well, here comes Dr. Crunch, showing off ’gain.”

“¡He’s splashing water all over me!”

“They’re awfully shiny, though.”

“Must be strong if they can withstand that & still eat apples afterward.”

“Dentists hate apples. ¿Haven’t you ever heard the saying, ‘An apple a day keeps the dentist ’way’?”

“I hear he uses special toothpaste.”

“Uh oh. ¡Looks like he’s going to hit that iceberg! ¡Dr. Crunch! ¡Look out!”



“Poor Dr. Crunch.”

“You know, he truly wasn’t that bad o’ a fellow.”


“Kept my teeth clean from the molar maggots.”

“Say, ¿who wants to play a game o’ volley ball?”


Dentist, hydrofoil, platinum