Hairy, Purrplexing, Furious Problems

Courtesy Watson, K. @ The Graphics Fairy. Not affiliated with this site.

“Somebody’s gotta mow this lawn, & perd it, I’m not hesitating anymore,” Ram announced, his bugle horns raised high.

The crowd gasped.

“¡It’s too dangerous!”

“We don’t have a choice,” Ram said grimly.

They stepped back as Ram returned to his 4 feet & leaned his mouth down toward the fur.

He started chewing.

They heard the low screech o’ a rusty engine. ’Fore he could respond, Ram was flung far ’way by a huge furry monster.

Far outside, the fleshy creature stared down @ his world as he reached his arms out.

“Come here, Patches; time for your bath.”


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