This Story is Author-ized by J. J. W. Mezun

“¿Authorization to rise?”

“Authorize granted.”

The sun rose from ‘hind the horizon o’ the space-rock sea. Cap’n Emery’s eyes hurt. She wanted to wince, wanted to put her hand over them like a visor, & they wanted to water; but she needed authorization 1st.

She asked & she was granted.

Then her heart spiked—& then ‘gain when she realized ‘nother authorization for which she forgot to request.

“¿Authorization to sail & for my heart to spike?”

“Authorization granted.”

Her ship had already been sloshing ‘long the rocky sea, throwing Cap’n Emery all round its aquatic belly—which only irked her mo’ as the rude laws o’ physics compelled her to overstep her station ever mo’.

“¿Authorization to be sloshed to the right?”

“Authorization granted.”

“¿Authorization to be sloshed upward?”

“Authorization granted.”

& so the trip went, till the sun asked for authorization to fall & was denied, leaving half the world in perpetual day & half in perpetual night.


Authorization, east, emery