Opinion: Why the Loss o’ Light Is Good

Image by J. J. W. Mezun. Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

While many list the various benefits o’ light lost now that Southeria is left in perpetual night, their silver-tinted monocles blind them from the disadvantages also lost.

For instance, while many tout the efficiency gained from light’s vision-granting powers, they ignore that being able to see can be distracting to the other senses, such as hearing, smell, or precognition. As a Graphite University study by professors Donald, M. & Sanders, C. (2013) shows, in the past 5 years—’fore our loss o’ light—the # o’ economic wrist-cuttings we’ve failed to predict has mo’ than doubled (p. 202), which Federal Reserve leader, Chicken Medium, admitted was due to the distraction o’ gazing @ coworkers’ sexy striped ties for so long (King, B., 2014, para 8).

Thinking scientifically means thinking beyond folksy wisdom, & our assumption o’ light’s efficiency gains is the 1st to start. We shouldn’t rage gainst the dying o’ the light, but rather be glad that it allows us to focus on our strengths ‘stead.


Donald, M. & Sanders, C. (2013). “Change in economic mediums’ precognition successes from 2007-2012.” Economic Arts, 7(49), pp. 200-224.

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